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Diversity and Inclusion from a different perspective

A few days ago, my daughter was talking to her friends about the impact of being a second-generation African living in America. Before that time, I had never taken time to reflect on how being a second-generation African in America could affect her outlook on life. It must be interesting to live in a blended […]

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Global protests and their impact on global supply chains

This year, the world witnessed a series of protests in Lebanon, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, and even Egypt. Some of these protests persisted for weeks, others for months, while some are ongoing. This article will examine the relationship between geopolitical and social-economic systems in different countries, and how they can affect international trade, and more importantly the […]

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The changing form of conflict and its impact on the global supply chain

Last year, I wrote an article on hybrid threats and the future of supply chain management. This article addressed the growing threats, the emergence of cybersecurity, and the use of asymmetric warfare tactics in disrupting the global economy. Over the weekend, it was reported that Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure was attacked with the use of […]

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Understanding Diversity in America: An open letter to African Americans and Africans in the Diaspora

  For the purpose of this piece, I’d refer to African Americans born in the US as African Americans and to African Americans born in Africa as Africans, although I know that the government sees all of us as Africa Americans. Every time I see or experience the disparity between African Americans and Africans, my […]

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Let’s talk about simplicity in the heart of complexity

  ”I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes This quote by Justice Holmes is pertinent in this socio-economic and geopolitical landscape as different governments, democracies, and institutions face myriads of […]

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Designing supply chain models with the principles of mission command

Since I retired seven months ago, I have rendered advisory and consulting services to many organizations, especially those who are operating in austere regions or areas with a high level of uncertainty. I have been able to do this successfully because I can easily transfer the knowledge that I gathered during my active service years […]

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Let’s address Nigeria’s security and the possible solutions

  I have had a deep interest in sharing my objective opinion about the state of Nigerian security. Sadly, myriads of events have prevented me from doing this. However, the heart-rendering tales of pain, chaos, and suffering that keeps filtering in through newspaper reports, television headlines, and social media posts have made whatever justifiable reasons […]

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What no one is saying about the Strait of Hormuz

  The Strait of Hormuz, the tiny pathway in the gulf which controls the shipment of a third of the world’s crude oil exportation, has become another reference point for how geopolitical issues are directly proportional to supply chain sustainability in the region.  On a daily basis, we see how the inability to curb strategic […]

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