Adebayo Adeleke is a visionary leader, with expertise in the fields of Risk Management and Security, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Geopolitics, and Emerging Markets. He uses his knowledge to teach and deliver customized solutions to his clients across the world.


Leadership & Strategy

With more than 20 years of military experience, Adebayo can implement a leadership strategy for your organization.


Multiple leadership and managerial positions in governmental organizations and private companies around the globe have refined Adebayo’s excellent interpersonal, tactical, analytical and negotiation skills.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Over two decades of experience in logistics and supply chain systems has made Adebayo an expert in helping companies achieve sustainable growth.

Risk Management & Security

A forward-thinking leader with a focus on upholding fiscal integrity and improving bottom-line performance, Adebayo has helped many organizations reach their goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

Adebayo’s ability to develop constructive relationships with diverse groups of business partners and influence key stakeholders has established him as a global leader.

Emerging Markets

With a worldwide view, Adebayo has a vast understanding of the global economy and emerging markets of tomorrow.