Adebayo offers two types of mentoring. With these mentoring program, you will be able to accomplish more than you thought possible. With over more than 1,000 people mentored, Adebayo believes that proper leadership in a dynamic and insightful way is the key to the future.

The Reposture Hub


One of the many dreams of professionals is to be known as informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. But we live in a noisy world, and experts are springing up at every nook and cranny. How do you position yourself as a leader in your field? How do you develop and hone leadership skills in your profession? How do you ensure that people recognise you as an opinion leader in your field of expertise?


This leadership mentoring hub will provide all the answers to questions young professionals have in terms of becoming a thought leader in their industry. 

The Supply Chain Hub


Being a supply chain professional can get a little lonely; it seems like there are only few people who are in the same field as you and fewer mentors to guide you through your career. That is about to end!

Being part of this community of supply chain enthusiasts and professionals will help you enhance your career as a supply chain professional,  build a network of like-minded people and feed off the collective energy. It doesn’t end there, you also get to build a professional relationship with Adebayo Adeleke and other supply chain experts all year long!


Join The Supply Chain Hub and become a member of a thriving supply chain community.