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Adebayo Adeleke is a dynamic leader with global insights on a wide array of issues. He is a U.S Army Veteran and his profound knowledge and expertise in the fields of Emerging markets, Risk Management and Security, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Leadership and Geopolitics, Diversity and Inclusion, makes him a positive influencer and generator of authentic ideas and novel scenarios that birth winning experiences for individuals, organizations, and governments. 

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The Unfettered Podcast is the result of my twelve- month-long-journey to understanding why people disagree and how differences can unite, rather than divide us.

Every Unfettered episode is an unfiltered narration of the failures, losses, successes, and triumphs that characterize life of industry leaders and celebrated heroes.

Their joy, tears, fears, and trepidation will be channelled to give us a better understanding of our world and ignite transformative thought processes that will prompt us to take actionable steps to creating the world we desire.

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This year, the world witnessed a series of protests in Lebanon, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, and even Egypt. Some of these protests persisted for weeks, others for months, while some are ongoing. This article will examine the relationship between geopolitical and social-economic systems in different countries, and how they can affect international trade, and more importantly the global supply chain. 


It’s a problem that I’ve been badgering about for a while now, and it has taken the entire supply chain industry by storm. That said, it doesn’t feel like an issue that has been truly embraced by Western civilization as a whole, and it certainly doesn’t seem like one that is being rectified hastily enough ─ not for my liking, anyway...




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